Prospect Remarketing

Prospects or partials are visitors to your site who entered some combination of name, address and phone number on your cart’s checkout form but did not complete the transaction.

Visitors can become prospects for any number of reasons.  It could be they were interrupted by some external factor, or they remembered their card was maxed out.  Perhaps they lost their internet connection, or maybe they simply wanted to wait and think about it.  Whatever the case, prospects are gold.

Fresh prospects ( less than 10 days old ) are 80% more likely to purchase your product or service than a standard visitor to your site.  There are numerous ways to monetize partials such as SMS, emails drips or even outbound call center follow up.  Some merchants prefer to sell them to other merchants who will call on them and provide some CPA for any sales.

If you are not saving, analyzing and monetizing partial data, you are leaving money on the table.  Swellcom can help you develop and execute a partials monetization strategy that can result in some of the easiest money you will ever make!